Notre Dame Catholic College
and Sixth Form

Our Vision:

To Open Hearts,
Minds and Doors.

Our Mission:

We are a compassionate Catholic community, inspired by the love of God, the teachings of Jesus Christ and our Foundress, St Julie Billiart.

  • We open hearts to God’s love through a passionate and relevant Catholic experience.
  • We open minds to new knowledge, ideas, theories, cultures and experiences, breaking cultural barriers through an imaginative curriculum and precise teaching.
  • We open doors to ambitious, happy and fulfilled futures for every member of our Notre Dame family, accelerating social mobility through high expectations and academic standards.


Our Values:


“Do small things with great love.”

St Julie Billiart


“A simple soul is affectionate and attentive to the needs of others.”

St Julie Billiart



“In moments of darkness we can only wait for the sun to reappear.”

St Julie Billiart


“When the good God asks something of us, he gives us the means of doing it.”

St. Julie Billiart