Notre Dame Catholic College
and Sixth Form

Sixth Form Taster Evening

Thursday 2nd March 2023, 5.30pm – 7.45pm

Explore each Sixth Form subject and experience Sixth Form life at Notre Dame at our Taster Evening on Thursday 2nd March 2023.

You must pre-book your place at each taster session you wish to attend. View the table below and follow the link to secure your spot today!

Our Taster Evening starts at 5.30pm and will begin with an introduction from our Sixth Form Team. Parents/Guardians are welcome to accompany their child and attend the event (please note, Parents do not need to book a place, only students) or students are welcome to attend the event independently.

There are 4 session time slots with a variety of courses to choose from in each slot, so we strongly encourage students to book a subject taster in each time slot to make the most of our Taster Event. Each subject should run in at least 2 different time slots to ensure as many people as possible can have the opportunity to try the subjects they are interested in.

During our event students will have the opportunity to:

  • Hear from our Sixth Form Team
  • Discover what they will study when you join us
  • Meet our expert subject teachers and ask questions
  • Try new courses they may not have studies before
  • Find out how they can expect to learn, be assessed and supported
  • Meet with peers and current Sixth Form students
  • See where they will study and the facilities available
  • Be inspired by our alumni – find out what courses or career pathways our subjects can lead to!

This event is open to all students exploring Sixth Form options from September 2023 and we strongly encourage students who are not currently students at Notre Dame Catholic College to join us and see what our Sixth Form College has to offer.

You must pre-book your place at each taster session you wish to attend. View the table below and follow the link to secure your spot today!


Time slots available

Link to book your place

Spanish 5.45 – 6.10pm OR 6.45-7.10pm Spanish Sessions
History 5.45 – 6.10pm OR 6.45-7.10pm History Sessions
Physics 5.45 – 6.10pm OR 6.45-7.10pm Physics Sessions
Music  5.45 – 6.10pm OR 6.45-7.10pm Music 
Health & Social Care (Single Award 5.45 – 6.10pm OR 6.45-7.10pm Health & Social Care (Single Award) Sessions
Applied Business 5.45 – 6.10pm OR 6.45-7.10pm Applied Business Sessions
3D Design 5.45 – 6.10pm OR 7.15-7.40pm 3D Design Sessions
Chemistry 5.45 – 6.10pm OR 7.15-7.40pm Chemistry Sessions
English 5.45 – 6.10pm OR 7.15-7.40pm English Sessions
Psychology 5.45 – 6.10pm OR 7.15-7.40pm Psychology Sessions
Science 5.45 – 6.10pm OR 7.15-7.40pm Science Sessions
ICT 5.45 – 6.10pm OR 7.15-7.40pm ICT Sessions
Biology 6.15-6.40pm OR 6.45 – 7.10pm Biology Sessions
Law 6.15-6.40pm OR 6.45 – 7.10pm Law Sessions
Criminology 6.15-6.40pm OR 6.45 – 7.10pm Criminology Sessions
Sport 6.15-6.40pm OR 6.45 – 7.10pm Sport Sessions
Geography 6.15-6.40pm OR 7.15 – 7.40pm Geography Sessions
Mathematics 6.15-6.40pm OR 7.15 – 7.40pm Mathematics Sessions
Sociology 6.15-6.40pm OR 7.15 – 7.40pm Sociology Sessions
Health and Social Care (Double) 6.15-6.40pm OR 7.15 – 7.40pm Health and Social Care (Double Award) Sessions
Travel & Tourism 6.15-6.40pm OR 7.15 – 7.40pm Travel & Tourism Sessions
Art 6.15-6.40pm OR 7.15 – 7.40pm Art Sessions