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Notre Dame Isolation Support

Social Story for Students

We have now been off school for just over a week and things have changed so much in that time and more rules have been put into place by the Government.

We have now been asked to stay in our homes to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus that is responsible for the disease, Covid-19. We know that we already have a lot of rules and guidance that is in place to help stop the spread of this virus and we should still follow this guidance as well.

Remember that you should wash your hands more often than normal and make sure that it is with soap and that it is for at least 20 seconds, but longer if possible. This is more important now than ever and you should do this before you eat, whenever you touch a surface and especially if you do go outside at any point.

The new guidance is a step up from closing our school, we are now being asked to stay indoors for 3 weeks, one of these weeks has now passed, but we need to be ready for an extension in the guidance as we do not know whether the 3 week period is enough yet. This is going to be a really tough time for you as most of the time you will want to be outside and seeing your family and friends and we are asking you to do something that goes against everything that we expect from a child, but it is so important that you follow the guidance.

You can leave your house to go to the shops, but this is only for essential items and many shops are now only letting one person in from a family, so if you don’t need to go out and someone else in your home can do this, let them.

You can also leave the house to exercise for one hour per day, but you must do this on your own or with people who live in your home, not with anyone else. If you do come into contact with another member of the public then make sure that you stand 2 metres away from each other and maybe even cross over to the other side of the road to avoid them.

You must not socialise with your friends and spend time with them as you can carry the virus without even knowing it and showing any symptoms, this is called being A-Symptomatic. Also your friends may be carrying the virus and then pass it onto you and then you can take it home and spread it around your family.

It is also important that you do not spend time with family members outside of your home for the same reason and it seems to be that the virus affects the elderly generation more than any other people in our society, so be really careful if you are delivering any shopping to them. Knock on the door and leave it on the door step.

It is still important to spend time talking to and communicating with other people and you can spend time with your friends and family in other ways. Many of you now have mobile phones, tablets and other devices that allow you to connect with the world through the likes of WhatsApp, SnapChat, Skype, Facetime and just general texting. You can also play games through your PS4, XBOX, Switch or other consoles and it is really important that you do this.

This is a really strange time and we are all finding it hard and it can affect our mental health and it is really important that if you are feeling low or worried about anything at all that you talk to people about this.

There are a lot of services out there and we have produced a Safeguarding PowerPoint with all of the information in it, but below are the contact details of the different organisations that you can contact if you need extra support during this time.

If you need any support from school then the Safeguarding Team are available for you also and you can email us at

As a school we are all still here to support you and you can keep up to date with everything through the school website ( and the school twitter account @NDEvertonValley.

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