Pilgrimage to Rome

It has been an absolute delight to have taken 36 students to Rome for the 50th anniversary of the canonization of St. Julie. The students were truly a credit to Notre Dame and their families. Whilst in Rome the students visited the Vatican, St Peter’s Square and had Mass in the Pontifical Irish College. Each day was spent reflecting and considering the inspirational words of St Julie about how we can all live out her mission and vision ‘to do small things with great love’. It was a truly remarkable experience and a great honour to share the 50 years celebration with other Notre Dame schools from all parts of the country. This celebration was concluded by an incredibly strong, thought provoking message from the Notre Dame international provincial, Sr. Pat O' Brien in San Alfonso.

The resounding message that all participants were left with, after the pilgrimage, can be best expressed in St Julie’s charism as ‘Ah, Qu’il est bon, le Bon Dieu’, ‘How good is the Good God!’ How much more peaceful our world would be today, if people tried to spread goodness and not selfishness, peace and not discord, love and not hatred. The education of each child in a Notre Dame school has helped all to understand the motto ‘Ah Qu’il est bon, le bon Dieu’. God’s goodness is desperately needed in our world today and can only be spread by people like ourselves, who are willing to respond in love to those around them. Let us be true to the spirit of St Julie, our friend, who knew how to believe and how to love.

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