EnvironLent Wildlife Houses

March 19, 2019

As part of Environlent, year 10 Product Design students have been working in teams to produce 3 bird nest boxes for use in the school grounds. We also hope to make a hedgehog home to support hedgehogs which are known to live around the school.
Last year a distressed hedgehog was found in the staff car park. Miss Collings took him to The Hoggery, a hedgehog centre ran by Pawprints wildlife sanctuary. He was named Homer, as he was found on Great Homer street. As a result of his injuries he had an eye removed and recieved various other treatments. He then needed an enclosed garden to live out his days as he could not hunt the bugs and slugs as effectively with only one eye! He now lives in Miss Collings’ parents garden where he is fed plenty of cat food each night.
A member of Pawprints wildlife sanctuary will be coming into school to help place the wildlife homes in the correct areas around the school site. They will also talk to a group of students about the wildlife in the local area and how they help the wildlife they recieve into their care.



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