Statement from the school regarding the Progress 8 measure

Progress 8 is a measure of a student’s progress across a specified range of eight subjects. Six of the eight subjects required are: English and maths, history or geography, a language (Spanish here) and two sciences. The remaining two subjects counting towards the Progress 8 measure can be chosen from a further specified list.

The Progress 8 score will appear lower if a student does not take the required selection of designated subjects. At Notre Dame, we do not insist that all students study and take examinations in languages, history or geography, when we do not judge it to be appropriate for them. We offer alternatives that ensure a rich and balanced curriculum, such as additional arts, hairdressing and mechanics. Though this might not be compatible with the Progress 8 measure, we firmly believe that it is right for many of our students.

Progress 8 is just one element of data that we are measured on, and provides only a limited view. Whilst we do strive to improve this measure, it is important that the many other strengths of the college are not overlooked. We keep every individual student at the centre of all we do, and remain committed to educating each student as a whole person, and equipping them all with the skills they need for life.

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