Year 8 History Trip to Liverpool University

During our recent trip to the University of Liverpool, we took part in many lessons/ activities such as learning about the theory of evolution. In the evolution lesson we learnt about the evolution of humans, from when they were apes to modern day humans, and the evolution of animals. We studied human skulls (replicas obviously) and saw they looked like apes with flat faces, fleshy noses, similar sized teeth to modern teeth and carved noses. The trip was fun and all the PHD students were excellent teachers.

Year 8 student

Yesterday, Mr Bond, accompanied by 20 students visited the heath and sciences building of the University of Liverpool where we had the opportunity to study a diverse range of history topics including the Cold War. Our lesson was led by Miss Emily Gibbs, a history PhD student specialising in 20th century history. In this session we learned how John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev avoided total obliteration and World War Three! We certainly learnt a lot! Thank you to everybody at the University of Liverpool for their amazing day in the past!

Year 8 student

After lunch we took part in a session on archaeology. We learnt about the stones that were used as tools and how the stone tools slowly evolved from blunt tools to stronger and sharper stones used to kill bigger animals to get more meat. Then, we learnt about bones and how to identify the age, health and gender of the bones. Our activity was to put rocks back together as they had been parted. Some smaller rocks had not come from the bigger stone. I really enjoyed the archaeology lesson!

Year 8 student

As our final workshop of the day, we learnt about the Ford machinist strike of 1968. This strike started due to the fact that the female workers of Ford were classed as unskilled and therefore were lower paid than the men working in the company. The female employees ended up going on strike. This workshop was great as we were able to learn what women had to go through just to be treated as equals to men.

Year 8 Student

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