PSHCE - Anti-Bullying Campaign & Bullybuster Ambassadors

Notre Dame was proud to take part in National Anti-Bullying Week 12th-16th Nov 2018, with the theme being: Choose Respect’.There were many different things we had on throughout the week such as assemblies, discussions in form time and promotion of help available in school and by different charity organisations. In particular a whole school anti-bullying poster competition took place with students from all years go involved, from year 7 right the way up to year 11.

Students had to design a poster that reflected this year’s theme of respect towards people from all background and highlighting the key point that we are ‘Choose Respect’. During a visit to Notre Dame last month, BullyBusters were so impressed with Libby’s poster from last year that they requested an updated version for 2018! Libby’s reprise of her poster from last year has now been put up all around the school for all to see, enjoy and catch the message that needs to be understood.

Bullybusters were also overwhelmed with applications from our students, across the year groups, to become BullyBuster ambassadors for the school. They were so impressed with all these applications that they have accepted them all. After Christmas these wonderful students will be trained by BullyBuster Representatives, in order to become ambassadors for their year group. Their roles will involve supporting their peers by offering advice on dealing with emotions and how to deal with changes in relationships they are involved in or around them. This will help those who may feel vulnerable and scared to come forward to anyone for help.

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