New Attendance Challenge for December

A new weekly attendance and punctuality initiative starts from Monday 3rd of December. Prizes will be awarded weekly in year group assemblies.


You could be in with a chance of winning a prize each week for your attendance and punctuality!

  • One student in each year group with 100% attendance and NO lates for the previous week will be randomly selected during assembly.

  • That student gets to choose a box from 4 boxes labelled 1 – 4. Each box contains a prize.

  • Prizes will be *£5 Liverpool 1 voucher *£10 Liverpool 1 voucher *Free lunch for you and a friend in the canteen *Free Costa coffee and cake.

  • BUT BEWARE, some boxes will also contain either of the following *1p *Half eaten chocolate bar *Banana *other random prizes!!!

  • There’s also ANOTHER BUT!!! If you are not happy with the prize in your chosen box you can gamble for a MYSTERY box. Be warned though, once you have opened this box you cannot go back!

Evidence shows the true impact of children and young people missing school: • 10 minutes late to school every day equates to 32 hours a year of lost education • 1 day a week of school missed equates to 2 months a year of lost education • Half a day a week missed throughout school life equates to one full year of lost education

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