Adoremus – RE trip

On Saturday 8th September, Mrs Ronan, Ms Banks and a group of pupils from Year 8 went on a trip to find out about different communities and religions. Furthermore, we learnt about how we can be proud to be a Christian and fully understand the Eucharist.

Significantly, at this event we listened and joined in songs written about the heavenly father. At the event (Adoremus, Liverpool) there were many inspirational Catholic speakers, including Cardinal Nichols, Katie Prejean McGrady, Pippa Baker, Dom Cain, Sarah McKay and Rick Netherwood. Moreover, we prayed for many people by pointing our arms towards them and closing our eyes during the event which also included Fr.Matthew, Fr. Thomas and Fr. Michael Deas.

Altogether I think this event was amazing, as it can teach us all about God and how he is always here, with his arms wide open for us.

Throughout the service we played games, joined a huge conga and learnt many songs including sign language. Moreover, the event was phenomenal and I would definitely go again.

Daisy Parry – 8 Dorothy

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