Year 9 Humanutopia Day

The year 9 students completed the Humanutopia programme on Tuesday 13th March. The day was fun and also very eye opening into the daily challenges young people in year 9 face with regards to their self-confidence, peer pressure and judgement; particularly with the widespread use of social media. The students were given the opportunity to openly speak about their personal experiences and how these experiences have affected them. The students came to the realisation that they should support each other, rather than being judgemental and making others feel uncomfortable. Many reflected on their day and openly spoke about how they wanted their behaviour towards others to improve based on what they had learnt from the Humanutopia team. The students realised that often the only thing that prevents them from reaching their full potential is judgment from their peers.

The students were shown real life scenarios of life choices, giving them an understanding that their future is what they make of it. Some students expressed that rather than making choices in life based on what they feel is right, they often do and make decisions based on what they think other people want them to do.

The atmosphere throughout the day showed an overwhelming amount of mutual respect between students, teachers and the Humanutopia team. The programme encouraged the students to push themselves out of their comfort zones and build new relationships outside their friendship groups, enabling them to overcome previous concerns and setbacks due to past experiences.

The students came away from the day feeling positive about the future and motivated to try new things. The year 9 students now feel more confident stepping out of their comfort zone to proactively challenge themselves. The students were shown that making the right choices in life plays a part in influencing their future and having the life that they want and deserve. This supports the school ethos and mission in enabling the students to be the best that they can be.


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