Year 12 visit to Shrewsbury School

The trip to Shrewsbury School was a great experience for me and the other seven students who participated. It allowed us all to get a glimpse of what a private education has to offer and a further insight into choosing the right university. The school itself was responsible for educating the renowned Charles Darwin, playing a huge role in inspiring his love of the sciences and leading to his revolutionary discovery, the Theory of Evolution.

We were given a tour of the beautiful grounds at Shrewsbury and got to learn about its heritage. One of the most amazing aspects of Shrewsbury school was the Moser Library that was home to books dating all the way back to the 13th century.

We first spoke to a UCAS specialist who explained to us the different aspects we should take into account when choosing a university. We were taught about the different types of university and which type would be best for whichever subject we wished to study. As a new year 12 student, this was particularly helpful as it cleared up any doubts I was having about university and the application process.

The first lesson we took part in was a history class studying the Cold War. We all had the chance to fully participate in the lesson, joining the students in group discussions. As it was a topic I had never studied before, I found it particularly interesting to join in and learn more about the subject, an opinion shared by the other seven students.

The second lesson was an A-level religious ethics class, in which we debated the topic and different views on abortion. As it is such a highly debated subject worldwide, it was great to listen to many different viewpoints and even voice our own, creating an insightful discussion.

After the ethics class had finished we had the opportunity to speak to an expert in the medical education field. To the members of our school who are considering a career in medicine or the sciences this was really helpful as it give them excellent advice on how to produce the best application possible.

The next activity was, in my opinion, the most beneficial of the day. We got to speak to an Oxbridge specialist and gained advice on applying for Oxford or Cambridge. As both of these universities are two of the most prestigious universities worldwide, I had always considered them out of my reach. However, after our discussion I felt more confident applying to such universities after the criteria for the application process was properly explained to me.

In the evening, we were invited to dinner with the other students at Shrewsbury. During the meal we got the chance to talk to a few A-level students and compare with them our experiences regarding AS-Levels and any aspiration we had for future education and careers. We were also able to discuss how different being a teenager in a private school environment is to being a teenager in a state school, discussing what we find difficult and what we do outside of school.

To end the day, we all attended to an amazing lecture by Harvard professor Andrew Berry. He thoroughly discussed the century old debate of are we a divine creation or a product of evolution. He was an expert in his field and to get the opportunity to experience one of his lectures was a fantastic opportunity.

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