History Department Visit to the Terracotta Warriors Exhibit

The History Department arranged a visit to the Terracotta Warriors Exhibition at the World Museum. Here Mia Cowley, a Year 12 student recounts her experience of the day.

“On the 21st February, 30 selected students from years 7-13 including members of the Student Council, visited the Terracotta Warriors exhibition, we were accompanied by Miss Cavanagh, Mrs Brennan, Miss Wishart and Mr Bond. After a rather long walk led by Mr Bond (!), we arrived at the museum. As there were so many of us we got a private screening of the introduction video which shows China through the ages. We then entered the exhibit and met our first Terracotta Warrior, we were quite shocked by how big they were! During the tour, we got to see many artefacts including chariots and tools.

Throughout this exhibit we were given an idea of what life was like in China and we saw numerous household items such as crockery, cauldrons and charms used for different purposes i.e. health, luck and wealth. The exhibit was really interesting and we got an insight into what life was like in China, 2000 years ago.

Overall, this exhibit is really enjoyable and educational, we all enjoyed the experience particularly the younger students who were able to purchase their own Terracotta Warrior!”

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