Trip to Liverpool Town Hall

On Tuesday 28th November 2017, we went to discuss student attendance at the Schools Parliament. We began the afternoon by talking about previous meetings and finding out what is happening with those matters now. During our break, we had the opportunity to take some photos around the Town Hall, before starting the debate.

After this, we talked about the issue of low attendance rates in Liverpool schools. Firstly, we spoke about why attending school is so important. Some of the things that were brought up were: Missing out on important lessons means that you may not get the GCSE grades that you are capable of, and not socialising with your friends may lead to you feeling alone or isolated.

Then we discussed why, apart from illness, children do not attend school. We believe that absenteeism is caused by many factors which include anxiety and other mental health problems, disliking lessons, bus and other transport strikes and parents who allow their children to stay at home for reasons that are not serious.

Later on, we spoke about what we know schools within Liverpool are already doing to raise attendance, and what we think should be happening. For example, our school has an attendance raffle, rewards and trips, if you have over 97% attendance. As a group, we agreed that schools should try to provide another form of transport for when the buses are on strike, and an internet service to do work from home.

We then discussed the date and time of our next meeting before leaving. It was a very good experience, and was enjoyed by us all.

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