Sixth Form Cookery

For the last two weeks during PSHCE, year 12 have been taking part in a cookery workshop with Mrs Campion and Mrs Byrne.

The whole purpose of the workshops was to give our sixth formers a taste of what life will be like when they go on to university or finally move out, and they have to look after themselves.

Mrs Campion demonstrated how to cook a healthy and nutritious meal, on a budget. As well as, how to clean up after yourself and do the washing up! Which some students, surprisingly had never done before!

Parents, with sons or daughters in year 12, will be delighted to hear that they are now fully equipped in cooking up a delicious Spaghetti Bolognese. They are also more than capable of doing the washing up and drying after.

The focus of this PSHCE sessions was to teach our students that independent skills and learning how to look after yourself, will be important for when they finally fly the next or potential move into dorms at university.

All students said they enjoyed their time in the kitchen and learnt some valuable skills and now appreciate all the hard work their parents/carers do for them at home.

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