‘Come, we must have courage in the century we live in’

Mrs H Serrels (Head of KS4 Science)

Ms S Jacks (Head of Chemistry & Head of KS3 Science)

Mrs R Stewart (Head of Biology)

Mrs L Martin (SENCo)

Ms C Neilson-Teacher of Science & STEM co-ordinator

Miss A Hobson -Teacher of Science

Mr A Sweeney (Head of Year 7)

Mrs T Du Plessis -Teacher of Science

We encourage the natural curiosity of all learners. We promote Science as a vehicle for lifelong learning. We educate scientists of the future who will make their mark as citizens in an increasingly interdependent yet complex world.


Science is a core subject and as such is taught across all three key stages with additional lesson time provided at KS4 for those students who choose to pursue it as a separate science option with a view to continuing on to A level.

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