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New Student Librarians

Mrs Rutherford, the college librarian, has appointed four Year 7 students as student librarians. They come to the library at lunch times to promote reading, helping other students to choose books and generally assist Mrs Rutherford in keeping the library tidy and organised. The students were each presented with a librarian badge at their weekly assembly, and are definitely following the teaching of St Julie by "doing small things with great love." Thank you to our new student librarians who are putting so much effort into this.

Year 7 booklet winners

Congratulations to our first Year 7 booklet winners! The competition for producing the best booklet from Year 6 into Year 7 saw a fantastic standard with students being very creative and pulling out all the stops. Two students in particular produced such stunning work that the top prize had to be split between them. Our winners enjoyed a range of prizes from Harry Potter and Fortnite stationery sets to chocolates and high street vouchers. Well done!

Thanks from Nugent Care

Today we received a letter of thanks from Nugent Care thanking our staff and students for their support during our food bank collection in the summer. "Back in July, Notre Dame Catholic College very kindly donated food items and toiletries towards one of our community services; Epsom Street (locally known as Epsy). As a result of your school's generosity and support, we were able to feed and support over 600 local people to EPSY in the Kirkdale area over the summer holidays." Thank you to you all for your generosity.

Year 7 Retreats

Last week our Year 7s had the opportunity to spend time with their form class on a retreat day at St Joseph's in Formby. It was a chance for students to grow in their understanding of what it means to belong to a Notre Dame School. The day was spent exploring our school Mission Statement "to do small things with great love." This was experienced through games, team building activities, moments of reflection, prayer and walk along Formby beach. A great time was had by all, as you can see from some of our photographs of the days.

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