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14-16 Hair Up Competition Winner

This is Scarlet Lee being presented at Blackpool for overall winner of the 14-16 “Hair up” hairdressing competition. She is now overall winner of the whole of Great Britain. Scarlet has chosen Hairdressing as one of her options and every Wednesday is taken from school to Hugh Baird to study the subject. Well done Scarlet.

Year 9 Humanutopia Day

The year 9 students completed the Humanutopia programme on Tuesday 13th March. The day was fun and also very eye opening into the daily challenges young people in year 9 face with regards to their self-confidence, peer pressure and judgement; particularly with the widespread use of social media. The students were given the opportunity to openly speak about their personal experiences and how these experiences have affected them. The students came to the realisation that they should support each other, rather than being judgemental and making others feel uncomfortable. Many reflected on their day and openly spoke about how they wanted their behaviour towards others to improve based on what the

Dance Showcase

​A Dance Showcase will take place on Wednesday 7th March at 6:30pm in the Dorothy Stang Theatre and includes assessment work from all year groups.

World Book Day 2018

On Thursday 1st March, students celebrated ‘World Book Day’ in the English department by participating in a five-round quiz all about famous novels, their characters and the authors who penned them. Key Stage 3 students also spent the week voting for their favourite books of all time; a competition which resulted in the submission of over 80 excitingly different titles! In honour of 'World Book Day', all Key Stage 3 students will be receiving book vouchers which they can spend in participating retailers, including 'Waterstones'. Notre Dame’s ‘Top 10’ reads: 1. ‘A Monster Calls’ by Patrick Ness 2. The ‘Harry Potter’ series by J.K. Rowling 3. ‘Matilda’ by Roald Dahl 4. ‘The Hunger Games’ by Su

Year 12 visit to Shrewsbury School

The trip to Shrewsbury School was a great experience for me and the other seven students who participated. It allowed us all to get a glimpse of what a private education has to offer and a further insight into choosing the right university. The school itself was responsible for educating the renowned Charles Darwin, playing a huge role in inspiring his love of the sciences and leading to his revolutionary discovery, the Theory of Evolution. We were given a tour of the beautiful grounds at Shrewsbury and got to learn about its heritage. One of the most amazing aspects of Shrewsbury school was the Moser Library that was home to books dating all the way back to the 13th century. We first spoke

Bullybusters’ Assembly with Year 7

Year 7 pupils received a clear and helpful message from Bullybusters in their recent assembly, particularly raising awareness of the negative effects of bullying. Bullybusters provides support and advice for victims of bullying and their families and have been in operation since 2004. One key message they were able to get across was the dangers and damage of bullying online. Cyberbullying is as damaging as being bullied in person. Our students were told to block and report any kind of bullying they see or may experience online, particularly on social media sites. ‘All Different, All Equal’. #antibullyingweek

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