"Education is a two-fold process of psychological development and integration into society. Teach then everything that is necessary to equip then for life" - St. Julie Billiart

Ms J Hart (Head of Department for Music)

Mr J McHugh (Director of Arts - Leadership)

Mission Statement


The mission of the music department is to provide students with a personalised learning environment to foster meaningful cultural experiences in the performance, understanding and appreciation of the art of music. We play a distinctive role in the lives and education of the students of the college and strive to provide a curriculum that stimulates creativity and critical thinking skills, activates the whole learning process, and motivates a life-long love of music for students from a variety of backgrounds and diverse     experiences.



To accomplish this mission, we will:


  • Offer a curriculum based on the essential needs of our students, both to honour tradition and encourage innovation.

  • Provide a fun and supportive environment that enables each student to find a distinctive voice.

  • Offer an extra-curricular programme that is committed to cultivating the individual excellence, collaborative spirit and creative thinking that the professional musician requires and our culture demands.

  • Provide numerous performance opportunities for our students, both as soloists and as ensemble members through the curriculum and extra-curricular activities.

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