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Key staff with responsibility for MAT:

Mr A Bond (Teacher of History)

Mrs A M Costello (Assistant Head Teacher)

Mrs V Pasco (Leadership Lead)

Important Documents:
Tracking and mentoring:

Every term the most able students in year 11, 12 and 13 shall have mentoring meeting with the MAT coordinator. In the meetings their progress and any potential barriers to learning shall be discussed and strategies shall be put in place to overcome them.

The most able in year 11 shall also be part of a peer mentoring project. Peer mentoring is about older pupils supporting younger pupils by meeting regularly and passing on their experience of school life. Peer mentors are students from our school Sixth Form. A mentor is someone who you can talk to about any concerns that you have both inside and outside school. A mentor is a student who will listen to you, they can’t make decisions for you but can help you think through options, problems or concerns. They support, lead by example, they listen and can assist students experiencing difficulties using their own experiences of having recently completed their GCSE’s.


A broad and balanced curriculum which is both rich and varied is in place at Notre Dame to facilitate success in education. Inside departments there are individual lessons designed to stretch and challenge the most able.


Throughout the year there are enrichment opportunities designed to help facilitate the development of the most able. There are a number of guest speakers who shall give talks to students at Notre Dame about their professions; accountancy, the law, medicine etc. Students shall be able to hear about day to day life in these professions, routes into these careers and ask questions of the speakers.

Throughout the years there shall also be educational visits organised, public speaking competitions and other academic competitions such as chess tournaments.

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