Health & Social Care

'We pledge to teach the pupils the skills and knowledge needed to prepare them for a potential career in health and social care sectors' 

Mrs S Jones (Head of Department for Business Studies/Health & Social Care)

Mrs A Chappell (Teacher of Health & Social Care/Administration of medicines)

Mrs K Sweeney (Teacher of Health & Social Care)

Health and Social Care – KS4


OCR Cambridge National – Extended Certificate in Health and Social Care

Health and social care gives students the opportunity to look at how health and social care services work, looking at a wide variety of different settings such as nursery schools, hospitals, care homes and social services. Students will learn about the importance of the values of care and cover issues such as confidentiality, fair and equal access to care services, as well as looking at health and safety issues. This forms the basis of the examined unit at the end of June in Year 10.

Students will start by exploring the role that communication plays in ensuring that effective care is given. This will focus on the skills and qualities needed to ensure effective communication, as well as the importance of personal qualities such as respect and willingness.

In year 11, students will be able to look at how first aid is carried out, as well as looking at body systems and disorders. Both these units are entirely coursework based.

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