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'The Governors of Notre Dame Catholic College share a common belief that children should receive an education of the best possible quality'

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Attendance at Meetings 2020-2021

Attendance at Meetings 2019-2020

Declarations of Interest 2020-2021

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Among Governors’ responsibilities are:
  • Overseeing the college’s aims, values and ethos;

  • Planning the long-term development of the college;

  • Promoting high standards of achievement;

  • Setting performance measurement indicators and targets;

  • Monitoring the performance of the college against those standards

Governors Code of Conduct

Instrument of Government

Committee membership 2020-2021

Full Governing Body 2020-2021

Link Governors 2020-2021

Governing Body membership includes representatives from the staff, parents and the Local Authority, as well as Foundation Governors:
  • Staff Governors are teachers or other employees of the college who are elected into office by their colleagues.

  • Parent Governors are elected onto the Governing Body by parents of students currently attending the college.

  • Local Authority Governors are appointed by the LA that maintains the college.

  • Foundation Governors are appointed by the Trustees of the college to represent and sustain their interests and priorities. In the case of this college, the Trustees are the Sisters of Notre Dame.

Code of Practice for Governors:

The Governing Body of the college has responsibility for the broad policies, plans and procedures within which the college operates: they determine such matters and subsequently monitor them and keep them under review. Governors appoint the Headteacher to manage these responsibilities on their behalf, and recognise that the Headteacher, together with the leadership team, is responsible for the implementation of policy, the effective day-to-day operation of the college and the delivery of the curriculum.

Being a Governor requires a significant commitment of time and energy. All Governors involve themselves actively in the work of the Governing Body and accept their share of duties, including serving on committees and working-parties. They also seek and accept appropriate training through attendance at courses and seminars.

The Governors of Notre Dame Catholic College have developed and maintain effective working relationships with the Headteacher, leadership team, teachers, staff, parents, the LA, the Archdiocese and other relevant agencies as appropriate.

Notre Dame Catholic College Governing Body
Foundation Governors appointed by Notre Dame Trustees:

(Brackets indicate date when Term of Office expires)

Ms M Cunningham (31.8.2021)
Miss Patricia Deegan (08.01.2022)
Mrs Patricia Deus (30.11.2023)
Sr Mary Kavanagh (31.08.2024)
Mrs G Leyland (31.08.2024)
Sr Maureen Lomax (31.8.2022)
Mrs Dawn Finnigan (30.11.2023)
Mrs Lisa Warburton (29.10.2021)

Governing Body Committee Membership
Designated Governors:

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