‘We pledge to teach pupils with the skills to equip them for life through developing their knowledge and understanding of people and places both near and far’

Mrs J McNulty (Head of Department Geography)

Mrs E Brennan (Senior Assistant Headteacher/Designated)

Mr M Campbell (Acting Head of Department PSHCE/Leadership)

Mr P Kearney (Associate Deputy Headteacher)

In supporting the College Vision Statement, the Geography department aims to be dynamic and forward thinking, striving always to develop the full potential of students and staff. Members of staff are encouraged to suggest initiatives and mutual support is provided to carry them through. We work together as a team to provide the best possible geographical learning experiences for students both within and outside of the classroom.

Geographical skills and concepts are taught through issue-based enquiry and thematic approaches, using ICT as a tool to enhance the quality and effectiveness of learning and teaching. Student interest and enjoyment are stimulated by a wide range of learning and teaching strategies that focus on relevant, topical and cross-curricular themes and issues, thereby creating a happy and purposeful atmosphere in the department within which individuals are recognised, appreciated and respected.

Strategies are adopted that provide for students’ moral, social and intellectual needs whilst at the same time allowing them to develop informed and balanced viewpoints, taking into account the effects of their decisions so that they become responsible citizens of the future.

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