Notre Dame Catholic College
and Sixth Form

Extra Curricular Enrichment

Committed to its duty to ensure that every individual child is given the best possible chance of achieving their potential.

Key staff with responsibility
for Enrichment: Miss H McCullen.

At Notre Dame we have an excellent timetable of extra curricular activities to offer our students. This enriches the students experience at school and allows them to try new things, expand their knowledge and skills and share in new experiences with other students.

Around the World in 80 Clicks’: Getting virtually out-and-about this term

So what on earth can we do during a half term in lockdown? Here are some examples of organisations and venues who have created free online access to performances, sites and experiences.

  1. Have the best seat in the house at the West End or Royal Shakespeare Company theatre performance

National Theatre Live will screen a NT Play every Thursday at 7pm. They will be available to screen for the following 7 days LINK. Also, the Royal Shakespeare Company has free full length broadcast here LINK

  1. Read/listen to classic books

Free on Audible including some classics HERE. There are additional 1000 free digital and audiobooks here LINK

  1. Take a virtual tour

Here are 12 of the world’s greatest museums and galleries     LINK

  1. Explore London from home

All our best Museums and Galleries can be explored from Home         Museums LINK    Galleries LINK

  1. Discover a new city or culture

Explore the world’s greatest landmarks, culture and arts with Goole Arts and Culture    LINK

  1. Have you ever tried opera?

The Met Opera in New York have nightly broadcasts of World-class performances LINK.  

  1. Attend a virtual lecture

Gresham College records all of its high-quality lecture programme LINK .

  1. Live classical music

Chamber music from around the world LINK           Berlin Philharmonic LINK

  1. Enjoy and be amazed by the ballet

Every Friday at 7pm a full-length ballet will be broadcast by the Royal Opera House  LINK . 

  1. Speak another language

Learn a language for free HERE  

  1. Go to university early

Try a Short University Courses from around the world LINK

  1. Are you looking for something different?

Try Chatterpack’s  Zoo cams, podcasts, tour, challenge, concerts, prayer, mindfulness, dance, engineering, Tai Chi, economics, rainforest tours, virtual choirs and lots more! It’s fantastic… 

Enrichment Programme Timetable 2021/22