‘Language is power’

Mrs A Kane (Head of Department for English)

Mrs B Drayne (2nd in Department for English)

Mr O Appleton (English Key Stage 4 Co-Ordinator)

Miss F Campbell (English Key Stage 3 Co-Ordinator)

Mrs V Crosslind (Teacher of English)

Mrs J Hewitt (Teacher of English)

Ms S Cornwell (Teacher of English)

Miss E Lowe (Teacher of English)

Mrs P Royden (Head of Year 11)

Mrs L Smith (Head of Year 9)

Mr G Walker (Assistant Head Teacher)

St Julie said, “Teach them everything that is necessary to equip them for life”. The English department aims to provide pupils with the necessary tools to articulate their thoughts in writing and in speech. These skills are taught alongside a variety of both modern and classic literature which enables our pupils to develop a love for the subject. 

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